For People Seeking Optimal Mental Wellness

Dr. Janelle provides support and guidance to people in a variety of different places in life. Because she was trained to understand psychiatric medication, how they affect the body, and how they interact with nutraceuticals and supplements, she is able to help people who are taking medication, those who choose to manage their health concerns without the use of medication, and those who choose to manage their health concerns using an integrative approach. Dr. Janelle’s overarching goal is to provide people with options so that they can manage their health concerns in the way that is lasting and in a way that aligns with their values.

Dr. Janelle provides the following services to clients:

Kick-start Session (60 minutes; $385): A Kick-Start Session is perfect for you if you are ready to start using a holistic and functional approach to address your mental health concerns and get your life back. At your Kick-Start Session, Dr. Janelle will get a detailed picture of your mental and overall health history and will review any lab results that you are able to provide her with. She will then construct a comprehensive action plan that is specifically tailored to meet your individual needs. Your action plan may include recommendations for lifestyle changes, herbal and nutraceutical supplements, additional therapies, functional medicine testing, and suggestions for medication adjustments to discuss with your primary care physician.

Maintenance Session (45 minutes; $250): A Maintenance Session is ideal for you if you have had a previous Kick-Start Session with Dr. Janelle and need to follow up in order to discuss new problems or changes in your Action Plan. Dr. Janelle will review your Action Plan with you and any recent lab work that you provide. She will make additional recommendations and adjust your Action Plan as needed to fit your changing health needs. *You must have scheduled a previous Kick-Start Session with Dr. Janelle in order to schedule a Maintenance Session.

Weaning Session (30 minutes; $150): Weaning Sessions are perfect for you if you are considering discontinuing your pharmaceutical medication. If you have made this decision, Dr. Janelle will support you by helping you do so in a manner that is safe and minimizes withdrawal symptoms. She may make recommendations for functional medicine testing that will make the process less difficult; provide you with information to share with or requests to make of your primary care doctor or psychiatrist; recommend supplements, lifestyle changes, or additional therapies to facilitate safe discontinuation; or do a combination of these things in order to support you in your decision. *To schedule a weaning session, you must have had a previous Kick-Start Session with Dr. Janelle.

Medication & Supplement Review (45 minutes; $175): This service is ideal if you are taking medication and/or supplements and would like Dr. Janelle to review your protocol in order to determine whether or not the combination is safe for you and at an effective dosage. Dr. Janelle will also provide recommendations for discontinuing or adding supplements where appropriate. *You may schedule a Medication & Supplement Review without having scheduled a Kick-Start Session. This service does not include recommendations for functional medicine testing or lab interpretation.


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