For Family and Friends

Dr. Janelle Louis, ND provides support and guidance to the families and friends of people who are battling mental illness and are unable or unwilling to consult with her on a one–on-one basis. Dr. Janelle’s overarching goal for the loved ones of those battling mental illness is to provide them with guidance, options for care, and resources that will benefit their loved one.

Dr. Janelle’s understanding of psychiatric medication, how they affect the body, and how they interact with nutraceuticals and supplements enables her to provide guidance and direction regarding potential medication interactions, contraindications, and complementary and alternative treatment options. She is able to consult with the loved ones of individuals who are taking medication, those who choose to manage their health concerns without the use of medication, and those who choose to manage their health concerns using an integrative approach.

Dr. Janelle provides the following services to families and friends of individuals battling mental illness:

Guidance Session (45 minutes; $175): A Guidance Session is perfect for you if you have a loved one who is struggling with his or her mental health and is unwilling or unable to follow through with a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Janelle. At your Guidance Session, you and Dr. Janelle will discuss potential options for helping your loved one.

You may schedule a Guidance Session with Dr. Janelle using the form below.