I want to preserve my mental health recovery. Where do I start?

Because it’s highly likely that you’ve navigated to this page because you’ve overcome a mental illness, I want to congratulate you! Recovering from a mental health concern isn’t an easy task. Most of the time, it takes hard work, determination, lots of invested time, faith, a supportive community, and more. Even after complete recovery, the rate of relapse in psychiatry is comparatively high; however, relapse is not by any means inevitable. Knowing this fact and taking the necessary precautions to ensure that you fortify your mind and give it the things it needs in order to preserve your mental wellness play major roles in the process of preserving recovery.

I Want to Preserve My Mental Health Recovery. Where Do I Start?

This page will be the resource center for individuals who have overcome one or more mental health condition(s) and want to prevent relapse and continue to work towards optimal mental wellness. I want to ensure that you feel that your concerns are being heard and that you have the resources you need in order to help your loved ones receive the best care possible. If you can think of any, please leave a comment below letting me know what resources you, as an individual who has overcome a mental health condition, need to support you on your journey toward optimal health. I’ll see what we can do and post all new resources on this page (in addition to placing them on the Resources page, of course) so that you can see all of the resources pertaining to this topic in one location.


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